Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Note to Cindy

Thanks for your comment (please see previous post and the comment section).

I will post on Blogfrog to the hollier-than-now-pain-in-my-ass parents who have never been there, done that, still have the tear stains to prove it.

Just can't do it today.

Seriously, can't do it today. Maybe later tonight. Right now, though...I can't.

My heart hurts to friggin much. My tear stains are to deep.

There's a reason for it. One that I don't feel 100% comfortable placing on my blog right now. Maybe later when I can gather my thoughts and put them in a sensible manner.

Regardless, Corry, his momma, Ms. N and her momma...could use some prayers.


Carol said...

Hi there, I thought of you when I read this (link)

I thought you might have some wisdom to offer...

Or maybe it's not the time for that.

It sounds like you're going through some tough stuff, too.

I'll keep everyone in my prayers.

Story of our Life said...

I've seen it. Been posted on my Facebook. I started to reply and give my warmth and love and sumthin happened and didn't post. At 1-2am I didn't 'have it in me to 'keep trying' to repost it.