Thursday, September 9, 2010

Painful Reminders

Last Spring when I came across Diana's blog I knew I found a gem. As I have with most all of the blogs I read. This one was different though. I can't really say why...well I can. But I then it would just be wasting my (and your) time because anyone who gets RAD gets..

This morning Diana wrote about the Painful Reminders of her daily life. About going to the grocery store last night, taking showers, eating dinner....about D.A.I.L.Y L.I.F.E with a child with RAD. It was a painful reminder for me....of what my daily routine was like when Cor was home. My heart hurts for Diana. For her E.A.C.H of her children. Because EVERY SINGLE CHILD in her home, herself and her DH have that daily painful reminder. It sux. It really does. I wish I was able to scoop her up and love on her and tell all the things she already knows...BUT because of society....she (all RAD moms) forget. That she is an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. MOMMY.

Those painful reminders are hard to swallow some days. My heart hurts for every one of you out there. I've BTDT. I may not be currently doing it....but I know. Oh' how I know. And it truly stinks!!!

((((HUGS))))) to each and every one of you as you walk this life...the day in and day out of those painful reminders!!!

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Diana said...

Love you, girlfriend! Thanks for the encouragement and support.