Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all the trauma Momma's   i hope and pray you will be able to find slid sort of peace and love within this Mothers Day.

I know first hand how suck E this day can be.  It still is.  Last year was not to had.. this year i will be working.  Last year it didn't bother me to much to work.  However this yea Im struggling with it.  for many reasons that Im sure those who have lived in our shoes know.  For me this 'week' marks a significant trauma-versary that some years and harde than others.

As much as i know Im not alone...right now sure feels like it.  No amount of comments to that comment will change the fact that. my everyday my friendships and those that i speak to and email regularly....don't get it.  Over the last little bit I've felt this more and more.  And this weekend it is magnified even more.


Diana said...

HUGS!!!! That's all.

Bugtheteacher said...

Just wanted to say happy mother's day it seems like it will be bitter sweet for you but I really hope it can be a good one.
I have read much of what you wrote in 2008. I cried through some of it. I think you are a great mom and have had to make some very hard choices for the best interst of your family. You don't know me but I am sending you hugs anyway.