Monday, August 23, 2010

This EVENT is gonna be bloggy friends...some IRL and some online....

I want you to know that you A: don't have to be an adoptive momma to go.
I want you to know that you B: don't have to be a RAD momma to go.
I want you to know that you C: can just know me to go (isn't that the coolest).
I want you to know that you D: must go and let me know because I am 99.99% sure that I am going to go.

I want you to know the ONLY prerequ to going is this...YOU TOTALLY GET what it is like to be a RAD momma/parent or a parent who has disrupted. There will be mixture of both there!!

(Last week one night...I had the opportunity to meet a few of the gals that will be there. One who has/is in the throws of disrupting. We get each other. What a great feeling to know that I would not be judged in those 3-4 hours that I sat at a table eating dinner. That even though our journeys are different....the pain and sorrow and frustrations are all the same....if your kiddos are at home or even if they are not...)

I want you to know that I am pretty close to putting the deposit down. I just have to convince myself that I will suffer the consequenses if I "DON'T" get the approval from my employer to go. Which I can't do for a few more months (at least).....

SO.....are you going to join me?

I don't care who I room with. (Well, that is not entirely true..I do care. I do have some ideas.)

If funds are tight and you need to share a bed...well...I have a big butt but would share and think nothing of it. Because I've done it before w/my Tupperware gals back when I went to the conventions and was a manager and made decent money. BTW: I know longer sell tupperware).

If you are afraid you wont fit in, you might snore to loud, you have a newborn baby (you know who you are!!!).....let me just say this...

1: If you snore..I will take a banana peel and my camera and have fun.
2: You will fit me!!
3: You have a newborn might be your chance (and only chance) to get sleep ALL night long because...well there will be LOTS OF MOMMA's intersted in taking your baby for you so you can REST!! ( know who you are, its been discussed and know what I mean) AND if there is anyone else out there that will have a newborn...same atcha!

So.....who wants to go? Is going?

Do you live NEAR WI? there is a slight chance that I could/might/will consider driving. It is about a 20 hr drive and we could do it straight thru w/2+ drivers. I have a Camry Hybrid that gets about 30 mpg (VERY small trunk bc of the battery...but we will be getting a cartop carrier sooon..>TRUST ME) and we have a Highlander Hybrid that seats comfortable with luggage 5...and 7 if we use a car top carrier.

Anyway....check this link above out or THIS link and please let me know what you think!!

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blessedfamily said...

ahahaha... you read my "I wont fit in" mind... clever... very clever... I'm still contemplating it.. sounds like fun...