Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conversation with Bry and Ab

This afternoon Ab babysat Bry for about an hour or so while we did some bd shopping for the 2 kids (their bd's are 1 day apart). It was dinner time. I was tired. James was tired. And we fell victim to eating out, again. In June the kids bought James and I a gift certificate (on their own) from R.oman C.andle. It is a little hip pizza joint across the street a block away. We called the kids and said "Do xyz and then meet us in 10 minutes at R.C". They were VERY EXCITED to have that responsibility. I was standing across the big street waiting for them to cross as they got to the end of our driveway.

We ate our wonderful pizza. While we were there 2 police officers walked in. Mind you - this is a rather 'mom/pop - neighoborhood ' type of place. I guess it took us off guard.

Bry was being a goon and some what obnoxious (what 8 yr old boy isn't, sometimes?). I made some comment that 'you better be good b/c that lady officer is sitting on the other side of this booth'.

And then it went something like this....

Bry: SOOO not like their gonna take me away.
Me: You don't always know that. You better be good.
Bry: NOOOO they won't. They can't arrest a 7 yr old kid.
Me: Um, yes honey they can and I'm glad you didn't really know that. But if you make poor choices...yes they could.
Bry: (laughing hysterically) are lying.
Me: Look at Ab...Ab....can they?
Ab: (laughing) I told you Bry...YES YOU CAN!!
Bry: how would you know Ab...because you've done soemthing naughty. I KNEW IT. That's how you knjow.
Me: Ab how do you know?
Ab: TV
Me: HUH?
Ab: Yeah...TV....I've seen it before on TV.
JAMES: Umm, you don't remember.
Me: Look at James "Well, that's good...she doesn't remember".

we kind of...sort of....went around back/forth to "do you really NOT remember or do you?"

She didn't.
She had no clue.
She.doesn't.remember...or....does.she? I think she does. But she doesn't.

She doesn't in the way that it 'affects her'

You might wonder what?

For several week (usually on the same day of the week) we would have to call the local small town police department because of Cor's behaviors. When he came back home to live w/us after being w/my inlaws I made it very clear that we would get help. They onlhy way I could find a way to do that was to have documentation. We were lucky to have an officer that was AWESOME and every time but ONCE he was the officer that responded to our calls.

She didn't remember the police officer taking her brother. Thank Heaven!! It was a rather traumatic event. I believe I have wrote about the school shop w/cop program that Ab was nomitated for from our awesome principal (who decided to open a running store instead). It was a turning point for her.

I'm not saying I still don't have guilt over this entire crappy situation. BUT...BUT...BUT....when I see these 2 children of mine and how well they are doing - today vs 3,4, 5+ years ago. It makes my heart swell with gratititude!!

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