Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sometimes - Love is Enough

I've deleted this post, edited, rinse and repeat several times over the last couple days.

It was something that was spinning in my lil ol' brain yesterday as the 43 ft long vehicle I was driving became acquainted with a Chrysler Town & Country....in a rather abrupt manner. Leaving I'm sure the driver of the minivan very sore...since I know how sore I am today. Survival mode went into play for the next hours and the thoughts that were spinnng around in my lil' ol brain took the back burner for a while.

So as to the title of this post....

Sometimes LOVE IS ENOUGH.....and lots of hard work and sweat and tears and I just want to bang my head up against the wall.......sometimes.....All that hard work pays off. Even if it is for one split second of one really hard day.

Atleast it was for this mom....when she blogged yesterday about her daughters MONUMENTAL moment she had w/her daughter V. yesterday. One that left me laying in bed reading her post this morning trying to decide if I shouldl cry because my ribs hurt, because of such a huge moment for V, or just because well....I've done lots of crying lately. I spent so much time looking, waiting, hoping, praying for little moments like Corey and V had yesterday. Hope that....yes indeed....we could get to the end. And the tears shed this morning were a mixture of hope for V and her darling momma and her future healing and grief because damn....I wanted so much for Cor to have that. And I firmly believe...HE could have had it.....it just wasn't meant to be. And if V. really wants to...it is there for to grab on and do the hard work. She's doing the hard work. Slowly but surely...she's doing it.

Kuddos to V and Corey. And damn I can't wait till March bc I need a hug!!

Another blog post from another awesome mom on HOPE.....read it. Read it. Inhale it if you need. Every single word of it.

So if you've not lost hope......find it. In something. Small.

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FosterAbba said...

I think the painful truth is that not all traumatized children will heal. Although there are some that do, there are others who never will.

The painful thing for us as parents is to realize that whether a child heals, or does not, is completely out of our control.

We'd like to think that we can fix things, but the reality is that we can't. It's a painful truth for so many of us who wanted, hoped and prayed for so much more for our adopted kids.