Thursday, October 20, 2011


My dh has limited contact w/C.  He answers phone calls as he can and feels like it. Often not answering calls unless it has been several calls with in a few day period. And sometimes not even that.
Twice in the last month we've received cluster calls. Last month, after several calls there was a 1 day break.  Then the FM called and left a message.  We found a 'little bit' out that was not coming right from C.  Given you can only believe a portion of what he tells you.  She seemed pretty on the ball.

Fast fwd to yesterday.  Several cluster calls.  SEVERAL.  Dh did listen to the message.  It was a collect call from the county jail where he is living.  DH was able to figure out how to block calls coming from that number.

Today, a number dh had listed called dh sevearl times.  Leaving
a message the last time.

Information I really didn't want to know or hear.

And one of my biggest fears is that one day C will find where we live.  Even though we don't have an unlisted address and such and he could easily find us if he choose.  We have only cell phones right now so it would make it a tad harder.

C's FM called.  She will no longer be his FM.  She will not allow him back in her home.  Currently, he is sitting in the county jail. It really breaks my heart.  More than I could ever express here.

And she has school pictures and some other pictures she wanted to send us. 
And asked for our address.
And....dh gave her our address.
And...when dh told me he gave it to her...I nearly died.  It was all I could do not to start sobbing.

Why?  WHY?  First dh's number was ONLY to be given to caregivers/staff ect ect. Cor would NOT have access to it.  Guess what?  That didn't happen. He's even managed to call me a few different times.  I'mnot happy.  I'm terrified.  This kid hates me. HATES me. 

In his current home he has told his FM that he was abused in our home.  Yet, he idolizes and looks up to my DH.  And respects and listens to my DH.  So who would that leave to have abused him?  Me....according to him.  He knows that I wasthe deciding factor and what transpired between my dh in the end which led to the disruption.  He knows that.  Someone....some idiot told him.  Told him that I am the bad guy (gal).  Asual for RAD kids.  And will only be a matter of time before he gets our address. I just know it.

The FM said she wouldn't give it to him.  I'm not worried about that.  I'm worried that she  will give it to someone else and so forth....and it will be in his hands.

It's nearly 1am. I can't sleep. I've been a wreck all day thinking about it. 

And...I'm not sure that I can see a picture of him w/o falling apart even more. 

What happened with the fact that we disrupted. Or the state terminated our parental rights bc we wouldn't allow him back in our home?  And we would no longer have info or access to knowing what/how/where he was?  Yet...we do.  And is ripping my heart to peaces. Seriously!

Sure, I've struggled w/this hole situation.  For the MOST part....I've been doing REALLY well when it comes to this crap.  And well, flush that idea and thought down the drain. 


Sheri said...

IT is breaking my heart that you are going through this.

beemommy said...

Gala, I am so sorry. So freakin', damn sorry. Hugs to you, girl.