Monday, May 31, 2010

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Updated to say: NNNNOOOO faith the systme will do him justice!!!!

This week brought some changes to my brothers situation w/his 5 year old. Without going into details...I will say that my nephew will most likely be at our home often this summer.

My brother will be learning what full time parenting is all about.

The last 24 hrs have proven to be challenging as my nephew has refused to eat the food offered to him by us. His mother feeds him nothing but crap. Now my family and I eat out often. However, our children eat what is offered w/little exceptions!

We went to moms today and after 2 hrs she 'kind of' gave in and tried to offer something different. It didn't go so well.

This is a HUGE issue and this child is VERY overweight. He NEVER was until recently...last 12 months.

Why can't people just love and care for their children? Why does mental health issues have to interfer and cause people to make such poor choices? This maddens me so incredible much. This kid is a good boy. But there is some major issues. Some minor RAD issue for sure.


I wonder how long it will take to provide stability for this child. I know how our state runs and I have faith there will be justice to my nephew and brother. Because we are dealing with a corrupt system.

Oh I have so much more thoughts on this I want to share but my fingers are cramped usung my blackberry

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