Monday, May 24, 2010


came home from school with...

*Spring in her step.
*Had a great weekend.
*Proved to me that Ms. M (therapist) was/is right.
*Had a good day (I think) at school.
*Was an all around pleasant person to be with.
*Made sense

As I mentioned in my last post...Ms. N has been a bit of a challenge. Our theory on why I think was proved by her staying home with us this weekend, due to obligations that her mother had. Which was fine. I'm glad she was home. I actually, think i would like her to stay home w/us for the next 2 weekends until her mom has her move back home. One weekend I cant though. I think that my 10 yr old will be having some friends over and well....1 less child in the house might be helpful. Specially the child that requires 24 supervision and cognitively is a toddler. And well, some days 10 yr olds are not very interested in having toddler, I mean 6 1/2 yr olds all up in their business.

And something that I've wanted for her to happen for a long time....

Her hair is FINALLY long enough to put in 2 big puffs. kind of. The back fell out. I gave daddy permission to wake mommy up b4 school tmwto do her hair. I took her braids out tonight. Swearing right and left that and in one hand upset that I will be done w/the braids in a few short weeks and in the other hand thankful that I odn't have to deal w/that part of life.. It is bitter, very vitter sweet.

I would give anything to take those braids out.

It is my prayer that as she goes back home to live w/her mother that life will work itself out and all will be well this.time.around! Because in the end...that was all I ever wanted for Corry.

Bitter Sweet. Very Bitter Sweet.

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