Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just pick at that scab some more...

That is what I'm thinking when I read a news article tonight about a young man who was murdered yesterday. A young man who is the same age as Cor. A young man who was adopted around the same age. A young man who was removed from his adoptive mothers home a few years ago because of similiar reasons as Cor. A young man who has been in the same mental health institutions as Cor. A young man, whose heart was damaged and hurting similiar to Cor's.

This young man's life has now ended. No one really knows why. No one really knows how. (Media hasn't released it at this point). Regardless of how, when, where, why.....it is a horrible tragedy.

Actually, the scab has been picked at several times over the last few weeks, months, years. Many times just when I think that the wound is close to healing, it breaks open again.

This news article could have read my sons name. Only it didn't. Maybe because my son is still in a secure facility. That I know of anyway. I wish I could reach out and hug his mom. Tell her how I get it. How my heart hurts for her and her family.

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