Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day of Nothing

That is exactly what I'm doing.
Not a darn thing.
Well, maybe unpack a dish here and there.
I was scheduled to work from 2-10pm on a rather bad night run.  My old one to be exact.  I have a PICC line and it itches and hurts from time to time and.....I just don't feel like leaving my house.
So I called in sick.  I have 2 FMLA applications on file.  One for the PICC line/infusion treatments and one for anxiety/depression.  And so....I decided to use today as a mental health day.

And...I'm doing just that.  Taking a day.  To CHILL and RELAX!!  On my new deck. In my new lounge chair.  In the sun.  With my laptop and my dogs.  Only thing better would be my dh sitting next to me.

Today...I will channel my anger into something positive. I will channel my grief into something posttive.

I can't promise that tmw will be a good day.
I can't pormise that tmw will be a bad day.

for today...I will just sit and relax.  And pray that I can keep  it this way.

1 comment:

Sheri said...

One big, giant golf umbrella to keep that goo away is on it's way. Love ya.