Monday, July 4, 2011

Steve Holy - Love Don't Run lyrics

This is a very powerful song.

On so many different levels.

It is a very painful song.

On so many different levels.


This evening this song appeared on a google reader blog that I follow.

I know this particular blogger probably has no clue that I lurk on her blog daily. I actually am in awe and love her love and faith. And I wish that for one second of the day I could have the strength and courage that this women has.

This song is so very powerful....this evening as I heard this song I thought of the young man that sent me a FB friend request this week. How I did leave him and my love did run.

And...and....and...we didn't get through it!

This song means so very much.....

on such very different levels.

Deep breathe in...
Deep breathe out...


Diana said...

(((Hugs!))) I wish there was an easy way through the pain. Did you accept his request? Maybe, possibly, he's ready to say "I'm sorry!"??

Story of our Life said...

No I did not accept the request.
Nor will I at at this time or anytime in the near (or far) future.

Given conversations w/my dh I would have to say that "I"m sorry" is very far from his agenda. As in least towards "me".