Friday, May 2, 2008

Phone Call from Principal and Calls to the Police Dept.

I will never forget the morning I received this 'particular' phone call from the principal. The night before was absolute hell. The actual events are somewhat blocked from my memory. I do know it was cold and snowy.

We had a rule in our house (from the very beginning) that if you are going to scream and rage than you do it outside (or in the garage). Not in my house!! If you couldnt' keep an inside voice than you needed to go outside. Especially when there are sleeping babies.

This particular day C came home from school w/a cold. From the minute he walked in the door after school there was a tornado. The path of destruction this child went on that night was horrific. Hell, he was asleep by 7pm that night because he had done nothing but rage nonstop for 4 + hours. During that time I took him outside. As we did EVERY time. I called the cops. The officer that came gave him a "talking to". Sure...whatever works.

Next day I get phone call... I had been laying in bed crying because I was sooo emotionally and physcially drained. I dind' tknow what to do. I had called the asshat relief. No help. Mrs. T says she understood that C had a bad night the night before. He was sick. He was coughing. He went to the office 10 mi. after getting to school because he was "sick" when they talked to him about coming home from school he told them "Well, I'm sick because of my mom.." The principal talked to him more indepth. He was sick because "his mom made him sleep outside". Yep..>I sure as hell did....hmmm...10 degrees and 2 ft of snow. Dang. I was outraged when she told me this. She said to me "G, I know you didn't make him sleep outside. I know that x..y...and z.... didn't happen. I know he is making false accusations. He does it every day here at school. However, the accusations he is making today I can not let go. I have to call DCFS...." My heart sank. What about my babies.... She then says "I need you to do me a favor. I need you to call them first and tell them what is going on. Demand to speak to someone. Demand a response. I am a mandated reporter and I have so many hours/days to report this. You call first. This way - they will know that you are aware of his antics. You are asking for help... I want to help your family. I want to help you protect your babies. " Thank you Lord!!

So I called....
Asshats took a message.
So I called later in the day.
Asshats took a message.
So I called the principal. She adviced me what to say/do.
So I called back 1o min. later and said "NO..>I will talk to a social worker immediately..."

I don't know if she ever called. I suspect she did. We never heard anything from asshats in re: to that particular complaint re: C.

The scheduled an appt. with me for a MONTH after I called them. This is not some BIG county. I'm sure if I ddn't call and the school called first they would have been down my throat like flies on $h!t. Instead they took their fancy dancy dumb @$$ time....

Dec. 30 is when I met w/them!! By this time I had called the 911 at least once a week for about a month or more. The same officer would come every time. He would give C the same lecture everytime. He even started to lecture me. I would just say he needed to contact D.CFS. That we had called them and go no where.

My appt...consisted of them giving me the name of someone for respite. Yep and we had to pay her. We had to transport this hellian 40 min. away, pay her $40 AND give her spending money and then go back to pick him up. He went twice. The 2nd time....was the beginning of a very long ending...

Next post... Psych. Hospitalization....

This post may be tmw. It may not be for a few days. All depends on how I'm doing. Read my STORY of OUR LIFE to read about what is going on right now with me. I'm scared. I'm mad. I'm having all kinds of emotions that are just completely overwhelming!!

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