Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thoughts for This Evening

I've been thinking for sometime about "sharing" my wants/desires into "turning" things into a positive way.

Last weekend I gave a bit of light at some of my thoughts and the issue at hand.

Tonight, after reading something incredible stupid that an incredible brainless professional said to another adoptive parent re: disrupting...I decided that I would share my thoughts.

I have absolutely no desire to work with children with RAD directly.
I have absolutely every desire to work with the parents of RAD children directly.

There wasn't anyone there for me when we went threw this.

Yes, I had/have a therapist.
No, she didn't get it - completely because she herself had not been threw a disruption.
Yes, she had 2 adopted children. However, I do not believe they even came close to a day of what Cor was like. She understood RAD. But she didn't understand "what" I was goin threw.
Prior to seeing her I saw someone else who had experience working w/adoptive parents. However, never 'btdt' herself. I give her a ton of credit and I'm greatful for L and what influence she had in myh life. She gave me the balls to stand up and say...enough...no more. W/O her support I wouldn't have been able to do it.

I don't know what this will mean. Maybe I would end up being an adoption social worker. Maybe I would end up being a foster care social worker (I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!). Maybe I would end up becoming a LSW who works on the theraputic end of this spectrum. Helping, guiding, supporting adoptive parents who are struggling on this end of the spectrum.

All I know is...for me...unless you have BTDT -- I have a really hard time relating.

What does this mean? LOTS of college.

What does this mean? I'm completely lost as what I need to do. I have no clue where to start.

I've applied at the local 2 yr college for their 2 yr Liberal Arts-Science Program starting this fall. I've applied for financial aide (few months ago).

I know that I need basic classes. How am I going to get the "more advanced"...beats the living crap out of me.



Whatever you do...do not tell me you think that this is not a good idea. I might just have to reach threw the screen and strangle the crap out of you. hahaha!!

No really..I've had enough of that from my family (mom) and quite frankly if anything I want to prove her wrong. She recently told me (when I let it slip...having a weak moment) that I need to take 1 class at a time. If I'm 50 when I graduate than that is wonderful. What the hell....

So there you have it...

I want to become a SW or Therapist...(seriously...therapist) and work with the PARENTS of adopted children. SPECIALLY those who have went threw disruptions, facing that choice, ect ect..


Torina said...

That is awesome! There are so many families that could use the help of a therapist who "gets" it for real. In MN, over 10% of older child adoptions disrupt each year. That is about 60 families every year. I don't know what it is in WI but I bet it is a similar rate. Families need someone like you :)

Kathy said...

I think that is a wonderful idea!!

I agree, that so many families could use the help of someone who truly understands what they're going through.

You've helped me more than you'll ever know, you really have. I know that you'd make a wonderful therapist/LSW to help other parents struggling with their foster/adopt children!

Go for it!!


Story of our Life said...

thanks Torina and Kathy for your sweet comments.

It is a big choice to make. I don't know that I have it in me to go to school for the next 6-8 yrs. Then again if fighting the horrible fight that I did w/Cor for the 8 yrs we did...maybe I could. One of my fears is that it will be "too late". By the time I get done w/school Ii will not "want" to help others...

Regardless, thanks for your sweet comments.

love, gala

Brenda said...

I have 2 children with RAD. I am working on a masters in counseling. If you go with the LCSW you need a bachelors in social work. If you get the masters in counseling your major doesn't matter as much but if you are just starting I'd go with psychology. You know what is right for you. Every state has different rules. In Nebraska you have to be a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner to do counseling wich means a masters in counseling or LCSW. You'll have to do some googling for your state.