Sunday, February 15, 2009

~UGH - People Just Don't Getting It~

Of all people...I would guess my mom.....who saw what we lived threw, she saw the hell that our household was.....

Would get it...instead I have had her complain (trying to be nice here)....about our visit to her home yesterday...with the little gal we do respite for.

Just like with Cor was at home, until she saw the after affects w/our daughter and then our youngest, she didn't get it. Even still, today...several years later. She still points blame and it is so frustrating. Frustrating because I know she gets, I really do. Yet, because of the medical disorder that this child has, she is giving her more space to be RAD-dy, controlling, and just plain obstinate. Instead, it is our fault.

UGH. just.plain.irratating.

This rant she went on (that is the source of my rant) started when I made a comment about being hit in the face during church this morning and how it took me by surprise, which it really shouldn't have because she hits her mother all the time. Yet, has never hit me, until today. My mom's rants started and went on for at least 20 minutes.

This is not something that I needed to listen to this evening. Hell, I listened to it for 8 yrs w/Cor. I sure as hell don't need to listen to it any more.

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katiemama0607 said...

I just read all of your blog. You are an amazing and beautiful woman. I can feel your grief and despair. I am so sorry for all you have been through. My hope for you is that you can stop blaming yourself and feel peace.