Saturday, October 4, 2008


I hope and pray that the mom we are doing respite for this weekend is able to get the much needed break that she needs.  I know from experience that it is  A: find respite where the person who is doing respite actually "gets it" and B: just hard to find respite in general.

A few months ago I came across an ad for someone who was looking for respite.  It ended up that I knew of this person and her little girl.  We conversed and set up a time for her to meet my husband and I at our home.  Because life happens we did not get together.

Yesterday B left me a message asking if we were free this weekend.  Her regular respite person backed out and she was desperate.  I literally worked from 6:30am yesterday (Friday Morning) until 11:45 pm last night (no joke...between 3 jobs).  I had enough time to travel between jobs and that was it.  I did get to come home for abuot an hour or so last night after I dropped the V-Football kids off at their game and ran home.

James and I have thought about doing fostercare again.  Only we are adament that we would not do care for children over 4.   We can/will make an exception for respite since we "know" that most respite kids honeymoon and so it can/will be a case by case situation.

I've been very much in a place of acceptance the last few weeks with Cor and the experiences we went threw.  Yet, this morning it was like opening the flood gates all over again...having the thoughts/feelings of the dreams that were lost.  Wondering to myself...if we had respite (ever) and/or even regularly...would it have made a difference in our situation?  I will never know those answers.

What I do that I hope and pray that B is able to get a good night sleep.  She is able to take this time to rejuvinate herself for another round of the battle field for the week ahead of her.  Whatever it might take...I hope and pray that she gets that peace in her heart knowing - we get it..because for me...not very many people who came into my life (even the ONE respite person we had) got it..

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