Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful for a husband who loves me.  Who believes and supports me.  Even though there are many days (some time VERY MANY) that I'm frustrated and fed up with him - when it comes down to the end..he is my best friend!!
  • I am greatful for my children.  Today....I really need to remember how greatful I am for each of them.  It was a very long and trying day.  I am sure that I didn't get the "Mother of the Year Award".  I'm actually sure that my mother didn't either...
  • I am greatful for my father.  He is a gentle, quiet (most of the time), giant.  Much of the time he doesn't say much.  I has been every ounce of what a father should be.  He has proven to me, to the world, to everyone in my family and my life that you do not have to be the "biological" father to parent, love, to just be...he does not fit the "step-father" stigma.  I'm greatful for that!!
  • I am greatful for my mom.  That I was able to spent her 53rd birthday with her today.  That she is who she is.  For the values and morals she holds and instilled in me as a child.
  • I am greatful for the roof over my head.  For the extremely high electric bills we have each month.  Because there are som people with in this country and world and county that I live in that not only don't have a roof over their head but do not have electricity.
  • I'm greatful that I was able to vote early today.  Because the reality has been over 10 yrs since I've voted.  I've only voted for a president once in my life prior.  I didn't really 'know' what I was voting for as I had just turned 18.  My mom and dad told me who they were voting for.  Therefore, I voted for that person.  Only to come home that day and have them both say "we changed our minds at the last minute and voted for (I don't remember who it was...I know he didn't win  I'm greatful that I had the "umph...and...will" to vote.  Because quite honestly .... my thoughts and beliefs are quite callous....which is why I dn't end up voting in the end.  But today...I voted "early"
Hmmm....I'm done for tonight because I'm tired and at a mind blank....

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