Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Here...

It has been a few weeks since I've wrote here on "my other blog".

Life has been full of ups and downs. Some up, some down. That is what life is about, is it not?

We have done respite 2 more weekends. I do believe we will keep having N come as long as things continue to balance out w/our children. I do have to say that in a few weeks it will get easier since James will be done w/school. He will be doing his internship/externship during the week. Hoewver, he will not be doing homework all evening and on the weekends. That will give him more time to help "me" with my homework. lol.

No has went well w/this little gal. We can/do see threw the RADiness as much as she has shown us. The 2nd weekend we had her she ended up in the hospital. This last weekend it was just fine. There were moments of sibling rivarly between her and Bry. To be expected by both of the youngest in each family. Not to mention Bry has his ownn list of 'issues' so to speak.

My job is just that. I can't wait until I have done my time and am able to go full-time. there are manyu days that I don't think that I will make it till the end of the week let alone another year of this bull crap. Yet, when I look at the end picture...I need to do this.

In a few weeks DH or I will go to a foster care meeting. I am not so sure that we are interested in this. Yet, we are tossing around the idea. Next summer we will be moving at the end of this lease. We will definately be looking for a 4 bedroom duplex/house if at all possible. We will not be interested in doing older children for fostercare. I've been told that there is a 'need' for toddler/infant homes in our area. We shall see. Regardless, it is osmething that we are thining about and tossing the idea around amongst us. We will play it out and see what happens. If it is meant to be...than it will happen.

Other than that...same old same old.

I've got some 'thoughts/posts' brewing in my head in regards to Cor and some of the experiences we went threw. I have kind of fallen off the band wagon on my original thoughts for this blog.

But that is how it goes, right? It is what it is...and today it isn't very much.

:) till next time!!

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