Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ms. RAD Mouth and Stalkers

On Monday, Ms. RAD Mouth did her new thing of standing in front of me. Staring me down. Giving me the 10th degree in glare/stare. Smacking her pass threw the machine and making her grewling presence be known.

I.Did.Not.Say.One.Word.To.Her. I smiled and just continued to watch the children getting on the bus.

Then she did something that was really not cool. In RAD terms..the only way to teach a lesson (in my opinion) is natural consequences. However, when you lean against the rear door - and it gets opened and you fall out..that wouldn't be cool, right? Thus, I can't really do that. I give up.

Then I had to listen to a handful of children (same ones that Ms. RAD Mouth) was getting in trouble, only they knew to shut their lips and she didn't. They decided it it was time to take their lets pretend you are a stalker montra to a hole new level. Two Foster Care children and 3-4 other children, discussing stalking, kidnapping, duct taping, raping and all other kinds of grueling stuff....doing this TO EACH OTHER...all in a joking manner.


So today I called dispatch shortly before I got to school requesting principal come to my bus. We need to talk.

Mr. P comes and we have a talk. To say he was pissed beyond belief re: the pretending crap that was being said...would be an understatement. He will be taking care of that tmw.

THEN I talked to him about Ms. RAD Mouth.

I had to hold back the tears. S'rsly heart is so torn and feels so flippen broken about what has happened to this young lady in the last year. If I didn't trust the principal - I would think he was bluffing and lying to me. It was/is incredible horrible. Lets just say this young lady had a very very severe traumatic brain injury, ended up in a comma for 4 full months and in/out for the next 2 months. When she woke up, she was a completely different young lady than what she was before she went to sleep. Before she went to sleep she was a straight A, most popular in her class, most well behaved and loved child in the school.....The next 6 months led to a disruption, new parents, new school and now a bus driver who is at her wits end.....

I am very torn on how to move fwd with Ms. Mouth. I think I will not refer to her as Mr. RAD mouth. Ms. Mouth did not ride today. I think my next step will try to kill her with kindness, give her the support that she needs, yet continue to be firm in my expectations. I will give her another chance to move to the front of the bus and stand near me. I she calls me a F.B. she will no longer to be able to ride the bus.

My heart is heavy as I think about her and the events in her life. My own life and the current issues that are causing a great deal of frustration, saddness, and just plain pissed off-ness.

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Lisa said...

That is so incredibly sad....there has to be something else though. I mean, she had this complete personality change, isn't there some kind of program where she can do rehabilitation for that? Not be expected to merge with regular society (is school really as important as getting her life back?). I can't help but think that the old "her" is in there somewhere.

The rest of the crap? I would just be sick about it and not put up with it. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed, even in jest, and it seems like society is letting kids just leap over those lines with no consequences. It's sick and wrong.