Monday, May 4, 2009

ALMOST there...

Because I am taking online courses at the college, I can/am ending my classes earlier than other students. I believe that most students attend class until around the 19th of May.

Last week I finished my accounting class.  Considering I failed nearly every single test, only receiving about a 50-60%, I will end the course with an 85% which is a B or C (not sure right off hand).  You know what...I don't really care!! I passed. I did learn something.  It helped that I received 100% on nearly every homework assignment.  I have about 5 assignments that I could fix the errors on and I have the ability to retake the tests that I failed, with the highest grade being the one that is counted.  At this very moment...I don't care. I passed. I passed with a rather 'ok' grade. I don't strive to get straight A's.

My typing class, it is a rather advanced class.  My goals the instructor set were/are very high.  I started the class the week after I punched the car in Feb. trying to 'not get hit'. (didn't work very well..I still got hit by the car).  I have a scar on my left wrist from the so called therapy that the I endured. I stopped going to the therapy because I was sick and tired of leaving with blisters.  plain.cut.simple.and.dry.  According to the therapist - it should have got 100% better. As soon as the therapy stopped, the pain came back.  Basically, I have pretty significant tendanitis in my wrist. Not sure what can/will help with it.  My typing class required I type a MINIMUM of 200 PERFECT lines p/week.  If I made a mistake in that sentence, I had to redo it.  That was just to get a "D".  To get an "A" for that week I had to type 280 lines or more.  Every single week, with the exception of last week, I typed 280+ lines.  I still got an A for last week's assignment because I emailed her and told her "I just can't do it anymore."  I have 3 more days till the last assigment is due.  I will end up with a B in the class I believe. Maybe an A. Who knows. It will see how lienent she is. I've not increased my words per minute by 10 words so it will be interesting to see what happens.

The last class I am taking. I will most likely end up with an A, maybe an AB. 

Regardless, I'm DONE DONE DONE!!

I can't say I will return in the fall.  My intentions on going to school this year were a few differnet reasons.  Mainly to get general ed requirements so I could return to the University.  Not going to happen. I will be honest and say - I am giving up on the thoughts that I had.

I can only hope and pray that I will be offered full-time between know and August....REALLY PRAYING!! Not only for the financial reason but a few others that I don't care to go into right now.  Maybe another day, another post.

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