Monday, August 25, 2008

Sigh of Relief

There was a huge sigh of relief this afternoon as I was told (over and over) 'good job...good're great'. The final sigh of relief came when I was told "How do you think you did?" I responded with "Ok...Ok few areas that I struggle with the 'CDL' way and the "real life' way of things...but okay.." He laughed and said "You did excellent...The best test so far in this far the best...Congrats and WELCOME TO METRO".

OMGosh - I thought I was going to cry. I had tried prep myself that if I didn't pass this test that I needed to not cry in front of this person...wait till I get to my car. hehehe.. Here I am trying not to cry because I PASSED.

My wage went from minimum wage ($6.55 hr) for the training to much higher. MUCH MUCH HIGHER. next huge prayer request:

I can/will be promoted to FULL TIME very quickly.

Full time entails:
The obvious - 40 hrs per week.

The obvious - full time hours = full time pay.

Benefits - my health insurance will be 100% paid for family.

Retirement - 10.6% of my income (this is from now on) the City will pay. I can contribute if I would like.

There are many other retirement, life, disability and other memberships that come with being FULL TIME.

For me...the

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