Friday, August 29, 2008

10 Years Ago Today

As it is called in the adoption was our "Gotcha Day".

The day that we became parents for the very first time.

The day that we waited for - for so long.

The day that turned our lives upside down and inside out.

The day that would forever change who we are deep inside our core self.

The day that I will never forget.

Hard to believe that this week also marked the 2 yr aniv. since the TPR was final.

What am I doing about this? How is it affecting me? What can I do? yada yada yada....

The tears are plentiful.

Today i went to the college to get my books. They didn't have my math book. I had to go somehwere else. My FA Loan check was only for that place and how was I supposed to do that? insert tears...

Algebra Sucks...just read my other blog. I've spent several hours tonight. Got to page 3 and about 12 questions (I have about 150-200 PLUS a quiz to take before Sunday night). I will be looking for other classes to take I think because I'm going to fail this miserable. I can't understand this to save my stinkin soul....coping mechinism....insert tears

I'm a mess!! TMW we are having a birthday party for my 2 children and my nephew. It isn't the "party" that they wanted and we were going to have another one for them with their friends. However, we just can't afford it. I'm so stressed right now about how this new job will work out and income stuff that I can't see myself think. Coping mechinism....insert tears.

Basically - I've been a crying mess today. It isn't even the anniv. for another 5 minutes....(it is still technically Fri...for another 5 minutes)

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