Friday, June 19, 2009

Disorderly Conduct

.....that was the result from us calling the cops. Basically, when we made it be known to Cor that mom was on the phone with 911 he went from being completely out of control to being even more so out of control. I can still, 6 1/2 yrs later, remember the scene at our home.

We had a pretty standing rule in our home (still do) that screaming, raging is not aloud in the house. Plain.Cut.Simple.Dry. I do not allow it, nor will I. If you choose to scream and hollar at me, if you choose to not be able to talk to me in a rational manner, w/o your voice raised so much that it causes your newborn brother and 3 yr old sister to cry....YOU MUST go outside or to the garage. (In the winter = garage).

This particular night Cor decided after finding out i was on the phone to take off. Whatever. Take off. It is -10 below right now and you will not get far and BTW - officer will find you in about 2 seconds.

I had made up my mind that this was going to be the last phone call. I had had enough. This child is sick. He needed help. Lots and Lots of Help. Help that we were not able to provide for him at that very moment.

Cor bolted out the door. He decided that peeing on the house was the thing to do. Pee on the house. I don't care. Really, I don't. I stood on the patio, on the phone, with his coat in my hand. He refused. Screaming and raging. Throwing rocks and snowballs at the house (January). If peeing wasn't enough, Cor decided he was to hot and took ALL of his clothes off. As I was attempting to move him from outside to the garage (and still on the phone w/dispatch) he would have nothing to do with it. Seconds later Officer Ron (our beloved Officer Ron) pulled up. THEN and ONLY THEN did Cor decided to quiet down, go in the house - only I wouldn't let him. He needed to go into the garage and dress himself. Officer Ron agreed.

It was a very long night. A night where Officer Ron could see that this child truly needed help. A night where the Officer clearly tried to get him help. There was only one problem, the on-call social worker for the county (who just happened to be the SW assigned to us...whom I had been requesting help for a couple of months and being told was to busy...) didn't want to be bothered. In my not so ever humble opinion.

The Asshat Social Worker had a GREAT solution:

Charge the 8 year old with disorderly conduct.

Have I mentioned b4 that I truly have a great deal of resentment, hatred, pent up anger towards this person? Some day I'm thinking I will get to the 'current/end' side of this story and you will hear even more why I can't stand this person.

Charing an 8 yr old with disorderly conduct only does ONE THING....

Hurt the parents check book.

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