Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prayers for a Friend and our Family

If there are any lurkers left out in the blog world ~ I would like to ask for some special prayers and thoughts sent our way.

Without going into a great deal of detail or information....We are 99% sure that we will be doing long term respite for a 5 yr old. The roles are being reversed at this point. While we have been doing respite for this child quite regularly since last fall - it appears that she will live with us for 5 days and go back to mom for 2 days.

This isn't something that has come easily. For us. For this childs mother. For anyone. However, at this point it is in the best interest of everyone in this childs family that there be a break.

We've been there. We've worn these shoes. It isn't something that is easy. It is heart wrenching. As a mother I had failed my child. The difference today vs when Cor was first placed in his long(er) term respite home in another state is that we know this child and family. We didn't know Cor's family. We were referred to them from our therapist.

This isn't going to be easy. It will change the dynamics of our family. While providing the nurturing and support that this child needs, we also need to support the emotional needs of our family (and myself).

There are also some big changes happening in our family. My 9 (almost 10 yr old) is going away to 2 week long camps. She has never been away from home...let me repeat...never been away from home. At the end of the first week of her first camp (she leaves on Father's Day) we will be moving. Not far. Just stressful.enough.

The move means new school in the fall.

We also have been struggling with our 6 yr old regarding retention and so forth. The specialist we saw today basically told me that I need to write a letter regarding this issue and send it to the superintendant (sp).

My job ends on Friday morning. I will be working for another company during the summer for 6 weeks. However, sporadically.

There are a lot of things on our plate right now. Nothing that we can't' handle. Nothing that isn't positive.

Just in the realm of things and of life having a 3rd child on a full time basis, who has a severe medical issue, and rad, just means we need a little more patience, little more love, little more of everything to give out...all the while trying to provide as much normalcy as possible for our 2 children.

Prayers for this childs mother would be great as I know her heart is truly breaking this evening. Prayers for our family as we enter this transition.

It is in the Lord's hands. Our Maker is the only person who knows what the future holds. He is the great and mighty healer. He can and will administer to the hearts and souls of each involved. Having faith is something I soemtime (often) I've just had to give it all over to my Father in Heaven.

Prayers please...lots and lots of prayers!!!

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