Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Moved and Thanks

First and foremost..thanks Christine for the bumble ball. We received it today.  I'll be muddling threw the boxes to find batteries.  I'll post more in a day or so when I can/am able to.  My internet is rather shabby right now.

The move was long, daunting, tiresome, painful, and well just plain hard.  Hard physically - to be expected. 

Hard in other ways. Hard in that not only was my bd on Saturday - Cor's was Sunday.  I have had a blog post in my head for sometime about "Cor's bd".  I didn't have internet access yesterday, was in to much pain to go to the library to write it, and well....emotionally just didn't need to go there. 

I could s'rsly use some prayers.  Life has taken its toll over the last several days/week.  To top it off I hurt my back on Saturday.  Lifting something that I had no business doing.  However, I had enough and wanted things DONE...NOW!  I hurt it, I felt it and am currently REALLY feeling it....I saw chiro today, will tmw...and hoping/praying for some relief...


More in a few days when I'm feelin' better...I hope.

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