Sunday, June 21, 2009


I owe a HUGE...HUGE..Thank You to Sarah!
A few nights ago after going in and out in the rain searching for a BUMBLE BALL I send an email out to some folks that I thought may or may not happen to have a bumble ball laying around their house, be out and about and see one...
Low and Behold Sweet Sarah...posted my request on her blog.  I was going to do the same on my blog but needed to re-word the request.  The last few days have been crazy busy. After Mr. Mailman came yesterday we took the kids to "Little Amerikka".  It was a blast.  They have safe and fun carnival rides. Nothing like Great America but something a tad cheaper and well...TONS of fun for our children.  Because my dh and the little gal we do respite for (who is now living w/us 5 out of 7 days a week) can't go on all of the rides I really liked this place since we could buy 'less expensive' bands.  My thoughts/plans were to post this last night.  It didnt' happen. I got home and was dog tired after chasing 3 kids all over the park, riding rides, having my leg get caught in the Rocket/Bullet ride and well...that is another hole post in and of itself. 
Then this morning I had to work ( I didn't realize it was Sunday when I volunteered. I thought I was volunteering for Saturday.)  Oh' was fun and I can use the extra cash right now. 

Regardless, my heart felt so incredible blessed to read 2 different emails from Sarah of people who are willing to pass on their bumble balls.  I know that N will truly love this. Not only will she love it but it will bring MANY hours of entertainment for her. Her momma sent a back massager that vibrates.  She literally wore out the  batteries for it this week. (Now..I do believe that my 6 yr old who has significant sensory proccessing issues - was also part of just sitting and holding that massager.)  So not only will the little gal we are doing respite for get use out of it - so will my son. can't know how incredible blessed I felt when I read your post. 

This is what the blog world is for. My dh might shun me, he might get mad at times.....but it isn't all bad!!  It is mostly good!!

Love Ya!! 

When I stand before God at the
end of my life I would hope that
I would have not a single bit of
talent left and could say,
"I used everything you gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

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