Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Drive Me Crazy

We are doing respite for a little gal. She will be with us most likely until the end of summer...

Some things that drive me crazy and remind me of what full-time rad-ish life is like....

*"Can I go potty?" (there are issues w/her being in the br by herself. She tends to do naughty things. Tends to go to the br many times during a 10 min. period. So..not always do we let her go on demand as it is just a ploy..) "Yes, you may go potty". Not even 30 sec later the toilet flushes. DH goes into the BR to find her pullup on the floor - peed.

She peed her pullup. She is completely potty trained. Has a medical disorder that can create the need for pullups. However, the medical issue has not been present since Thursday night.

UGH...just craziness. I know it shouldn't drive me crazy but it does.

*"I'm sorry for dumping my sippy cup out" I thought she meant for spilling it on me when I strapped her into her carseat. She repeated it. I looked in the rear view mirror to find her DUMPING the cup into the cup holder of my sons booster seat. I grabbed the cup (only had water) and whipped it out the window. My dh is a little pissed about that one. My thought was "natural consequence" and it was the only way for me to 'relieve my frustration' with out verbally taking it out.

NON RAD Children drive me crazy when they don't take care of their crap.
Non RAD Husband....well that just goes for the course.

I'm on my 2nd 'official' day of summer break. I will be working. However, about the same hours before. I'm not used to being home with my children 24/7 and add a 3rd child full time to the mix....

I'm dead tired and it is only the end of day 2....


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