Thursday, July 2, 2009

30 Days Inpatient...30 Days Outpatient

Just as Cor spent 30 days inpatient. He spent exactly 30 days outpatient.

They were by far the best 30 days we ever had with Cor. Seriously with all my heart I can say that. Often, I have went back to those 30 days and tried to figure out what it was. Why was it so good? What happened on that 30th day?

I don't remember to be honest.
I truly don't remember.
I remember it was a Sunday.
I remember it took me several days to go into his room and clean up the horrific mess that transpired.
I remember telling my husband "pick up the phone...this is going to get ugly real fast".
I remember Cor raging even more when he heard me say that. Panic set in because he knew what was going to happen. He knew that a rage like this would end him back in the hospital. He tried to calm himself down. He couldn't. There was something about him that night that truly made me realize how incredible sick my son was.

Officer Ron, oh' our lovely Officer Ron....showed up. Ron is such a gentle giant. He took one look at Cor, myself, our 7 mo old baby who was terrified and screaming, our 3 yr old who was just as terrified as her baby brother. Looked at his squad car and Cor and said "Put your shoes on were told the next time I came to your home I would be leaving w/you. So, we are leaving. You will not rein terror over your baby brother and sister. I was told about your last stint. I am not backing down. You are going back to M_"

He escorted Cor to the car and then came back into the house to talk with us. He apologized for the disorderly conduct charges he had to place a few months earlier. Telling us how he knew that the fine was going to hurt us. But his hands were tied. Whatever. $750 was the ending result of that fine. You know much of it did this young child pay? Not a you know.

Ron got our information, what happened, what had transpired over the previous 30 days. We made it very clear that "our child was different" when he came home and something snapped that day and he was back to the Cor we lived with.

Cor never lived at home again 'officially' after that day....

Next: Dr. A's recommendations during a therapy appt w/myself..

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Laurel said...

Oh ... all the police visits we had this past summer ...

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