Thursday, July 2, 2009

Psychiatric Hospital

~it isn't something you want to experience. Trust just don't.~

The following day we were contacted by the psychologist assigned to Cor. We were contacted by many different people. There was the emergency detention or whatever the heck you want to call it was set into play. The beginning of a really long road.

We went to visit that day. I am not going to go into detail about the emotions or lack of from Cor. Truthfully, I don't remember. It is something that I have blocked out in my mind and over time have tried to remember and reproccess what it is like to visit your baby in such a place.

I've been to other psychiatric units before. My mom was a psych nurse for many years. I remember visiting her at work many times. Nothing and I mean NOTHING compared to this place.

Old. Dirty. Run Down. Depressing. Old. Dirty. Run Down. Depresing

This hospitalization lasted exactly 30 days. It was an insurance thing. Dr. A, who was/is a VERY VERY LOVELY young lady, who honestly believed we were doing all we could for our son, who believed that I was not the reason for the problems. That I truly did love my son.

You don't know how huge this is. You really don't.

Regardless, my heart was still torn to see my son this way.

There were med changes. There were this and that and then this and that and so on and so forth done.

He came home. I was petrified. I had no choice. One of the last thing that Dr. A said to me was "I'll see you soon, my hands are tied..."

See us soon..indeed she did.

NEXT: 30 days inpatient...30 days outpatient

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