Friday, July 17, 2009

Aftermath of Dr. A's appt

Basically, Dr A's appt with me was to tell me/us her thoughts and what her report was going to be.

She was not reccommending this child return to our home. Ever. he be placed in Residential Treatment Center and told us it would be severa months/years before he would even be considered able to live in a family setting. She said over and over she did not think he shoudl return to our home because of our 2 younger children, their ages, and what they had already had happen to them.

It was now time for Dr. A and the county SW to find a RTC in our state to take Cor. He was young. It is very hard to place children this young.

We made our visists to the psychiatric facility he was in from March to May. In May he was moved from the psychiatric hospital to an RTC.

We spent a great deal of time on the phone with the intake coordinator of this RTC and the SW. I had gained respect for this man. Was greatful to have someone who seemed to be on the same page as my dh and I. He seemed over the phone to get it...

When we showed up to the intake...drop off....we were surprised to find out that this SW/Therapist at the RTC - was no longer going to be Cor's primary therapist/SW....the person whom it became....was fresh out of college, no children, not married....(she was older but still very little experience and DEFINATELY didn't have experience w/adopted children).

This women...still gives me nightmares.

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