Monday, January 3, 2011

Selah, "Unredeemed"

Very few days go by, if any, that I do not listen to my Ipod on my way to work. It has been no secret, in my blogging/FB that my job is anything but relaxing. Sure days like today...are pretty relaxing and not to bad. Hoewver, 9 out of 10 days are very much the opposite.

That is why nearly before I get out of my car, walk into that building and on to my assignment for the day....I listen to CD that I purchased from Itunes. This is one of the many songs on my IPod from Selah....

I've posted this video before, I believe. There are many days that are great as he states in his 'preference' to signing this version of Unredeemed and there are many days that are not great.

Be blessed by this song as I have.


waldenbunch said...

I have this link on my blog. It ministered to me so much as a RAD mom. So many days seem to be beyond redemption. But they're not. There is a greater good that we may never see but it's there. Great song!

Story of our Life said...

I saw the link last night shortly after I posted this on your blog too. I liked the video though that was with yours. I spent the better of 2 hours just looking over all the Youtube videos of Selah songs.