Saturday, January 1, 2011

17 Years

It was on this day 17 years ago that the UW Badgers played in the Rose Bowl. I really didn't know much about football (still don't). Today the UW Badgers will play in the Rose Bowl. We will all be sporting our "Teach Me How To Bucky" (click link...pretty dang cool video) T-Shirts as we watch the Rose Bowl with our best friend and her husband and children. I'm sure we will be playing the beloved "I'm a Badger Lover" song several times today. :)

The other significance about this date is....

I married my best friend 17 yrs ago today.

I didn't know he was my best friend. When we were married on the very cold snowy day on January 1, 1994....I wasn't to sure what I was getting into.

17 years later and I am so eternally greatful that I did not throw in the towl. That my 19 yr old brain told me this is it...marry this man.

There have been many ups and downs. There have been days/weeks/months where I didn't know or even believe that we would make it as a complete unit until the following January 1 to celebrate that lovely day.
Those were some trying days. It wasn't that I didn't love him. But that is what happens when you parent a child with severe mental health disabilities. That is what happens when you suffer from severe post partum depression..and just plain depression....for several years following the birth of your 2 biological children. That is what can happen when you are faced with the most gut wrenching horrible choice of...letting 1 child go, in order to keep your other 2 children safe. That is what happens when your inlaws are get divorced because of some pretty tough stuff that shakes your husband to his and your wife have separate VERY major surgeries weeks apart and then.....your wife ends up having complications that are life and child bearing is called extreme stress!! It was in these the 2-3 year time span that all of the above (and then some more not mentioned bc it isn't blog-able) happen....that shakes your marriage to the udder core. There have been some very trying years in our marriage. We've got thru them by the pure love and grace of our Father in Heaven. We were not married for Time and All Eternity to throw in the towel w/o a fight.
I'm so thankful for this man and for the inner strength that he holds.

It takes a strong man to be able to swallow his pride and allow his wife to be the bread winner bc he can no longer physically do it. It takes a strong man to be able to accept in today's society that he can no longer work and provide for his family.

He provides for his family more than he will ever know. For this...I am thankful.
I'm thankful that my husband decided to follow the teachings of our religion and go on a mission 20-21 years ago. Thankful that the Lord brought him from his very small town in New the very small branch in Wisconsin...where the seeds were planted for this eternal marriage. I'm thankful that the Lord knew my dh's mission was not to move to WI after his mission to marry someone other than myself and that his previous engagement he could then come back to That Small Town....only to realize that 'that young new member" had actually graduated from HS...and was ready to be his bride.
Today...the Badgers will play in the Rose Bowl again.....
Today...I will lay on my couch and snuggle w/my husband again.....
and again.....and again.....
As I remember how incredible thankful I am.....for this man I call my husband.

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Diana said...

You rock it, girlfriend!! We'll hit 17 in March...and I so totally and completely could have written this post myself.

Congrats, Happy New Year, and Happy Anniversary!!