Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to Our Story...

Not so sure that I really want to do this. 
Not so sure that I really get anything out of writing this out.
Not so sure that anyone really reads this...
However, it is for me a form of therapy...that even though it is harder than hell to tells what I don't often tell.  It is the story of "me"...this has shaped who I am as a mom.
Over the last 2 months I've not really talked about our "story".  It has been more the "present".  I do know that living in the present is what ineed to do.  Yet, somehow...I need to get to a point with this that I'm okay with it.  I thought I was....guess not. 
So...I'm over the cancer scare.  I've healed from the minor breast surgery and now have a great looking 4 inch + scare on my breast and a nice indent.  Lovely, huh?  My kids thinks so.
So if anyone cares...
Back to our story...

We all have a little voice inside us that tells us if we're doing something decent or not,
something loving, something sharing, something giving,
but sometimes we have a lot of chatter in our lives.
That's why we need to learn to be quiet and listen.
(-Christopher Reeve)

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