Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Do You Know What Today Is?"

Yesterday after taking our car to the park, staking out our spot amoung what would end up being 250,000 people watching the midwests largest fireworks, eating lunch and then coming home....

I posed this question to the kids/James?

Bry: Aunt Amy is coming and Nathan and Morgan and we will go see the big fireworks

Ab: It is Rhythnm and Booms...

...and Cor's Birthday...

James: Yeah it is Cor's bd.

Me: I just wondered if anyone else knew.

James: Yeah I was going to send him a bd gift.

Me: What? Where would you send it? You dont know where he is you??

James: Yeah well I was going to get one...

and the conversation just kind of ended at that. I find it intersting that my husband wanted to get him something for his bd.

I've been thinking about a way to "celebrate" his bd.

Right now I don't really have the extra cash. However, I think in his 'name' I will either buy a gift and donate it to the clinic I work at and/or donate $.

A few weeks ago we had a parent whose son has some disabilities donate about $150-200 worth of new toys she had bought. She asked that friends/family "donate" a toy and/or money to the clinic that I work at in her sons name. I like this idea...I like this idea a lot!!!

Anyway...that is my thoughts for today.

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