Monday, June 2, 2008

RAD vs PDD/Autism

I'm glad Beth posted a reply today in mentioning a child she was/is working with as an O.T.

I work in a children's OT clinic. We have many children who come threw the doors who have been given PDD, Aspergers, Austism spectrum disorder and other related dx. When in fact all they "really" have going on is some R.A.D. My child - was one of them.

He went threw so many different tests and evaluations I lost count. The thousands and thousands of dollars that were spent not only by my dh and I but our insurance and then the "medicaid" system....

When it comes down to it...

The DX was/is the same...

~~~Reactive Attachment Disorder~~~

Why is is so freakin' hard for psychologist and psychiatrists to "admit" that RAD is a TRUE disorder? RAD is listed in the DSM book as a "real" dx? So why is it sooo hard to acknowledge it?

It would make so much sense or would it?

It angers me to think back at the bull crap that was placed in my lap, the fingers pointed in my face, the excuse that "I did not love C enough".


The title of this blog is "When Love was Not Enough" for a reason.

My love was not enough for our son. Love can not fix the damage that was drilled into his brain and body. Love could not protect my 2 younger children.

There are days when I can honestly say and believe "Because I loved C enough....I let the system (as corrupt as it is) become his guardians... by doing this...he could receive the services that he so desperately needed and DESERVED".

We were told that C most likely had Fragile X. Then we were told he had "educational autism". Then it was ODD (which I do believe goes along with RAD). Then Bipolar (isn't that the "adult dx for RAD?)...

The list goes on and on.

C never received OT services. Sometimes I think that it might have been helpful. Then there are days that I think would have just been ONE MORE person...ONE MORE therapist...ONE MORE experience that he could manipulate.

Beth - if you are reading this...reply if you would like me to leave my email address and I will do so in a comment. (For a while we were contemplating adopting a little girl at COTP-because our religion doesn't 'mix' with them we weren't able to move fwd).

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Beth said...

Yes, crazy how your diagnoses sound so familiar-- I just found out that he is leaving our program and going to another next year which hopefully will help but I also had him 2 year this time and 3 years ago for a year-- he tends to change programs every 2 years