Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bio Grandparents

This evening I was reading a blog that made me think about something that Cor's bio grandparents tried to pull on us.

I really think in there "love" for him they thought this would work.

A few months after Cor came to live with us we were notified by the adoption agency that the bio grandparents wanted 'legal' visatation rights. We were floored by this. We had been letting them visit Cor. Never for an overnight. It wasn't something that we really wanted to happen. At the time we were so naive. Darn we were naive.

One day we got a phone call from the SW of the agency telling us what we would be receiving in the mail. Hetold us that the agency themselves could not 'legally' give us advice. They suggested that we give an attorney who was a bishop in the area a call. We did and I cant' really remember what happened.

Few days later we got a letter from their attorney (why in the same hell did they need an attorney? It wasn't their legal child. They were the grandparents of the disfunctional drug addicted bm...) Regardless, it was hideous. I am not sure where this letter is in a box somewhere.

They were wanting to take us to court for court ordered visatation that included every other weekend, every other holiday, every other birthday AND 2 full weeks in the summer and I'm probably forgetting something else.

R U friggin kidding me?

These imbasouls (is that really a word) VOLUNTARILY (sp?) DID NOT adopt him because the were to old and yet they wanted to take us to court for court ordered visatation. Thankfully, it didn't cost us an attorney. We called around. Found out that it would be a laugh in the crack of their arse and well...waste of their time and money. Not to mention the GAL nearly pee'd her pants when she heard this.


We played their stupid games. Told them we would allow visits on our terms and our terms ONLY.

The GAL stuffed a sock in their mouthes and of course we heard how mean she was. We did what we could to keep them happy screw things up. We wrote them a letter telling them what the "attorney's" we contacted said and that they would be up against a fight that wasn't worth the money to put into it. haha...duh!!

Sometimes I wonder if cutting that contact off mad thiings worse or better? As I've said many times I 2nd guess and feel guilty nearly every day about the choices we made. This is just another way for that to 'get me'.

I think about this today because this is the first time in 9 yrs that we have not received A: phone call from bio granpdarents B: phone call from an annon. number asking for "Cor", or C: BD card for Cor.

Last year we wrote them a letter telling them to back off, not contact us again or we would file restraining order against them. My dh also added things to the letter that I dnd't know about until after it was sent. He told them that "we were no longer his parents". I personally didn't think that was any of their business. Then again...maybe that is why they have not harrassed us by calling our house.

I can still remember what I thought when we got this

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