Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Children with R.A.D.

~you can spot them from a mile away~

**this is my opinion (as with the entire blog) and my opinion only. You don't like what I have to say...don't read it. Agree to disagree. Thank You**

If you read my other blog Story of Our Life - you may or may not know that I drive bus for the mass transit system in the town nearby (we live in suburb). I am employeed by the city. All employees start out part time, advance to full time based on sceniority...currently I'm #3 in line. As a PT employee I am blessed (not) to drive the City of M_ middle and high school children. They are something of a different breed of human beings.

I might have mentioned this before..not sure.

Few months ago I had a young lady, about 7th grade, start riding. The first few days she was rather "needy". Didn't go far from me. I don't "follow" normal/standard yellow school bus routes. Just like in Mass Transit - if you want off..your ring the bell 1-2 blocks in advance. You don't ring it. I don't stop. End of Story. I'm a beeotch when it comes to this. I have to be.

Well, I 'taught' her the rules and the first week she forgot to 'ring' the bell severall times. Did I mention she was needy? From day one I could tell. But, decided to be nice and thought to myself - she is in a new LARGE school and I need to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, Feb. 9 ( remember because that is the day I was hit by a car - happened right after my 'incident with Ms. Mouth'. Ms. Mouth and I had a few words that day. She continued to be mouthy. I was very clear in my expectations. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. I didn't loose my cool w/this kid like I do the others. I'm not very nice to be honest -- usually I tend to go.metro..... I was calm and collective. Because, deep in my heart...I could tell. This child has R.A.D. I had listened to her over the course of a few weeks, learned her life story (or somewhat of what I could actually believe.) I decided I needed to start the paper trail......she received her first incident report. Quite frankly - ANYONE who calls me an F'n Beeotch...well...I write a report.

Come back from my 2 weeks off. She has made friends. (so I thought).

Over the last few weeks I have come closer and closer to loosing my patience. Friday, it was the end of it.....I.Lost.My.Chit!! S'rsly folks.... As I informed these middle school children that if they didnt' shut their traps (my exact words) I would arrange for assigned seats. Of course Ms. Mouth and Mr. Mouth decide to talk back. As I am driving (they are standing right behind me). I tell warn them. They didn't oblige. Mr. Mouth apologized (he is in Foster Home,fell from 3rd story building at age of 2-3 and well...he really did mean it and he tries to listen and be respectful). Ms. Mouth, well she didn't shut her trap. As she got off the bus, she told me "I GUESS I will see you on Monday in my assigned seat you F'n B... I started laughing hysterically. She was lucky she got of the bus. Cuz, Ms. Bus driver might have come undone...I was a bit on the extremely depressed side of life, on a new antidepressant that I was having extremely horrible side affects...and well....she is lucky she left.

I wrote an incident report. I had the last 2 days off and was not able to 'follow thru' with my promise. Dang it.



As I spoke w/the principal who had not received my report yet this chick lost it on me. Told me (us) she was going to 'spread it all over the bus'. I said 'spread what? That you ahve an assigned seat in the back of the bus because you can't be respectful to adults?" No she says..that you are a big...I can't repeat it. OH'...that I'm a big bitch. That's okay Ms. Mouth...I dont' care what you think of me. You WILL not talk to me this way. GOt it? She didnt' look at me. She then kept going at the mouth. I calmly told her if I have to write ONE MORE incident report she will be finding alternate means of transportation to school. I didn't want to do that. I want to see her succeed. She blew her mouth. The principal just looked at me, smiled and said to her Ms. Mouth...she is trying to work with you...she continued to go off. I calmly smiled and said "HONEY, I will say to you RIGHT now what I say to you EVERY best SHUT YOUR TRAP, go find a seat at the BACK OF THE BUS........". ROFLMAO....s'rsly, I think the principal probably pee'd her pants.

Ms. Mouth got on the bus...running her big trap.

Principal then says to me..."We have your back. Just let us know. Ms. Mouth...well...she has some problems. (ya think)...she has some emotional problems (ya think)....she has what is called Reactive Attachment Disorder....(ya think...OMG...did a PRINCIPAL just admit this). I responded with 'oh..sure, I know exactly what RAD is...." I think the principal needed depends at this point. I then responded with "She will still be Respectful, Responsible and Fun to Be Around in my presence...or I will guarantee she has a different mode of transportation to school. Assuming that children with RAD most of the time have IEP's consider this your may want to set up alternate transportation for her..."

Smiled and got on the bus....


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Lisa said...

I just found your blog through Theresa's and I only read this post so far.....OMG!!! I have a RAD son (here since the age of 9 mos., now almost 15) who has the mother of all mouths! He just started running it non-stop about 6 months ago, but I have to tell you, I am exhausted by it already. I wish to all that is holy that his bus driver and some of the riders of said bus would TAKE HIM OUT!! The things I'm hearing he does on the bus would just make your toes curl and he is just left to get away with it day after day. Yes, he has an IEP, big whoop. He told some nasty boys on the bus one day that his almost 16 yo bio sister was a "pole dancer" to humiliate her. A few days ago, he topped that one and she was threatening to quit school if she had to face everyone on the bus again. The only "good days" this kid has are ones where he gets everything he wants before he knows he wants it, the second something doesn't go his way - watch out. The false allegations have hit record highs and his school counselor is so sick to death of seeing his face at her office door I really feel for the woman (but don't want to trade places with her -lol).