Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Some times~

~~the most sincere, heart felt comments....pierce your heart.

For those of you have read my blog for a bit may/may not remember that we received a phone call about Cor back in January. Since then we received an update that he was moved out of the treatment foster/group home for threatening the owners wife. (not a bit suprise).

This afternoon I had just prepared lunch for our family. The Missionaries/Elder's were coming for dinner. As I sat down to the table Abi says....

"Mom, can you and I go shopping and make an Easter Basket and care package to send to Corry?"

So sweet.
So innocent.
So much pain.
So much anger.
So much.....

As I told her "Ab, no we can't. Cor was moved from that home. We dont' know where he is at and it is most likely not a place that would allow him to have treats and special things like that"

Wow...that digs deep. For me. For Ab. For Cor. For everyone.

She doesn't understand.

She knows that her brother was gone. She knows that he hurt her and her little brother. She knows so much more than what we can/have given her credit for. He was not talked about in our lives (still isn't for the most part). Then one night she hears her father talking to him on the phone. How confusing for her. I feel like I lied to her. I told her we could send him a package and now we can't.

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