Tuesday, December 2, 2008

20/20 Special - Failed International Adoptions

I've heard a great deal via the blog world, the yahoo group I am a member of and a few other emails that have come my way.

I have not watched the program. Nor will I. Yesterday, I was somewhat tempted. I even went as far as finding a link online to watch it.

Then something came over me that said "Gala do not watch it...you don't need to..."

The more I've thought about that..the more I realized that "yes, indeed it would have been a waste of my time watching it."

I didn't have a failed International Adoption.

Instead it was a failed USA (AKA Domestic) Adoption....

I decided that there was no need to watch it because what would the purpose be? As usual the media can/does twist and turn things to look the opposite of what it should be. As usual a subject of this matter can not nor should be addressed in a ONE HOUR SHOW!!!

There is SOOO much more than the actual 45 min. of air time.

I did watch the trailer of this segment. It was very disturbing to me that they used the video from when the children had only been home a week. My heaven...that is to be expected. They left everything, everyone, every scent, every taste, the sunlight, the moonlight...their EVERYTHING ended!! They were only home one week. I am in NO way diminishing what was happening to thsi family (the parents)...but at one week home, come on!!

The other reason I didn't watch it...because I just can not.

Sure the holiday's are hard for our kiddos whom are adopted.

Just as hard for the momma's who no longer have their kiddos to hold and love.

Just as hard....

and right now I'm struggling, too!!

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Brenda said...

You really are struggling. I wish I could take the hurt away. ((((Hugs)))