Thursday, December 18, 2008

~Praying for a Snow Day~and~My daughter, too~

First and foremost....Ms. Ab needs all the prayers she can get.  She is one sick cookie right now.  She was given a shot of antibiotics today for s.trep throat and also was tested for influenza.  She has had a rather high temp since late last night/middle of the night.  She has had influenza before and had a false negative (long story).  She is really hurting and in so much more pain than what she has been in the past with 'just strep'. 

In normal circumstanced I would not be praying for a snow day.  However, this evening I am doing the snow day dance and prayer...over....and...over...and...over...and...over....

My lovely lurking readers....I had a really bad day.  Sure, I've had many bad days. 
My lovely lurking was by far one of the worst days that I've had in a long time.

I can not even begin to bare the thought of going to work tomorrow. 

I have the next 2 weeks off.  As I mentioned in a my wordless/pictureless wednesday is w/o pay.

This evening.....I....DO....NOT....CARE!!!

What happened this evening on my bus has left me shaken.  How I...a public official (since I am employed by the city)...was treated by another municpalities (sp) public official (aka...police officer) is not ok.   I can not really go into it right now because my own mental health just can't go there.  I just can't..I would give more 'info'. However, I've repeated what happend one to many times tonight. I will say that I am so greatful for my good friend Christine!!  She is such a doll and I love her to death. We don't have an open radio....we have phones that come into our bus, that we push and request to talk and/or push a button in an emergency to 'request to talk' or our '911' button.  I started w/the 'request to talk'.  I came very close to having to use the 'priority request' and then even closer to using the '911'.  For some reason my initial 'request to talk' came as an open line.  Christine was able to tell that I was having problems, she was able to hear the dispatch supv. dispatching police and any/all road supvs to my bus. She called me to make sure I was okay.  Had she called me "earlier" I would have probably broke down sobbing.  But, I didn't...I kept it together and she says as she hangs up "Do the snow and I'll say a prayer for you".  Thank you Christine!!

I really needed something to calm the nerves and upset that I had after getting off work tonight.  When I dropped the last of the kids I pulled over to a PDQ - went potty, sat in the bathroom trying very hard to not loose it, bought a hot chocolate, sat down on their chair and said "SCREEW....M.etro....I"M SITTING HERE and taking a break".  That I did. I was able to calm myself down and then get back in my bus w/o having the urge of running someone over....

I'm home...I'm safe...

Tomorrow is a new day.

There is a foot of snow in our forecast for tonight....

SNOW BABY SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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