Wednesday, December 17, 2008

UGH I'm PO'd

I'm so po'd right now I can't even think straight...just need to vent for a quick second.

New kitten - Psychotic Kitten.
New Kitten - Kitten who will be looking for a new home soon if she doesn't shape the heck up.
Kitten is 6 mo. old and knows where the potty is.

I just caught her peeing on my dogs bed. Yesterday his 'towel' was wet and smelled like urine. He has pee'd on his bed before.  So James thought it was him. 

Nope...dumb @$$ Lily....

I grabbed her by the neck and went to stick her face in it and yell NO and she bit my finger and broke the skin.

OH Man am I EVER P.O.'d

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