Wednesday, December 31, 2008


to add the photo montage. i forgot to add that at the bottom of the last post.

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Pam said...

Dear Family,

I have found your blog off of another blog that we both follow. I have a 17 year old daughter that my ex-husband and I adopted when she was 8 years old. Everyone told us she had "RAD" but no one was brave enough to acutally put the "label" on her. Now that she is several months from her 18th birthday, someone is brave enough to do so. I am worried and scared for her. I am very interested in keeping up with you all and keeping in touch. We didn't chose to disrupt but you can trust and understand, it was thought about. It's a hard road and unless you have been there and done that, Don't tell me you know how I feel. God bless you!!!!! Please pray for us. You know and you understand!!!!!!!
Pam in NC