Monday, December 22, 2008

When it Snows...

....I'll come back to get you!!

This is a comment that would come to not only haunt my dear Cor but our family during the years that Cor was w/our family.

Sometime the year before Cor came to live w/us his bm was sent to prison. I think it was around spring before he came to live with us his bm told him that she would "come to get you when it snows....".

Not only did this person whom I have no respect for abandon him....when it snowed on December 1st, 1994...but now she told him she would be back to get him...when it snowed.

Every year when it snowed our lives would be torn apart...

This year as it has snowed I have to say that it has affected me more than it ever did before. It has given me such a heavy heart. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. Specially...when it snows.


Accidental Mommy said...

What a cruel thing that bm did.

I know when my sister had rights to call, she was trying to tell the kids that she had things for them and that she was looking for a house where they could have their own bedrooms and a big yard.

I cut her off. As there was no plans for reunification, I knew she was lying to them.

Recently, she did buy a house and has her new flavor of the month and his kids living there. She gave the kids toys and things to his kids. She's never sent them a thing.

It's so hard to understand how a birthparent can be so cruel. I sometimes think my kids are still holding on, believing she will come back. They are stuck when she has obviously moved on.

It's so sad.

Story of our Life said...

Just so you know...I have deleted comments and will continue to do so if the comments that come in are not nice...plain, cut, simple and dry!!!!!!!!!!

cmhl said...

ohhh, I wish i could give you a hug. what a hard situation...

my husband is one of 10, and his father left when he was 5 after a series of traumatic events. he told my dh that he would come get him that next summer and he could go out on the truck with him for a few weeks. according to MIL, my dh sat on the front porch day after day waiting for him, and of course he never came.