Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Private or Not


There are some people in this world who think they know everything.

Who think that because their shit doesn't stink they can/will try to bring others down.

Let me just tell you KAREN that you are a coward. That your shit does stink and I will NOT HAVE IT on my blog.

You will not bring me down...I refuse!!

Because of your own stupidity it is likely this blog will be private. Which - stinks because the real reason behind this blog was not only for myself but because there are other people out there who are struggling w/the same damn stuff that our family went through. By going private I will not hurt anyone but those parents who are searching and looking for some sort of "she gets it".

Obviously, YOU KAREN dont' get it.

I have pity for you. I really do. Your comment was deleted. However, I may just post it here for all to the stupidity and pure insanity that was listed. To take the time that you did...a hole 75 minutes to read this obviously don't get it and never will.

I know your ISP. I know your domain. I hope that you sleep well tonight!

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