Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I needed this laugh...

I think I'm gettiing sick. Maybe it is stress. Maybe I'm getting sick. My dd was home this mornig sick. She kissed the porcelin god once this morning and has been fine since.  So if I am gettiing sick lets pray that is what it is, okay?
This evening I came home and did my usual 'google reader'.  I love  Postcards from Insanity.  Many days I laugh till i nearly pee myself.  Of course, my daughter is to big for me to join in on her Ebay sales right now. :) 

This post - Mother Natures Bitch today really bites the bullet.  I'm sick. If I didn't know better I would think I was in labor. (FYI..I had an emergency hysto a few years ago...not even going there).  Laughing till I really did wet myself...well it wasn't to funny.  However, I am still laughing.  I really love her humor!!
Go over for a good laugh!!

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