Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

A few weeks ago for the first time I participated in the Not Me Monday blogfest (or so I call it).  I love the Not Me Monday segments.  Come on...join in on the fun. I would love to hear about your Not Me Monday!!  If you decide to participate. Please leave me a comment. I would love to read about your lovely week.
Since missed the last couple of weeks...this will be an overall from the my Christmas Break.
I did not back out of going to the movies w/my family last night, instead going to get groceries.  I did not do that. My daughter really wanted me to go w/them. I did not get into a debate w/my 9 yr old over how many movies I have went to with my kids over the last several years.  She did not  tell me to name FIVE.  I was not only able to name 4.  (I feel very guilty that I hurt her feelings so bad. I do not hate going to kids movies..nope I don't).
I did not stay up until nearly midnight every single night of my Christmas break.
I did not sleep past 9 am nearly every single morning of my Christmas break.
I did not pull the van over on the interstate, put my cell phone on my lap, and yell at my children like some bangee. I did not tell them if they did not shut there mother loving mouthes and stop fighting that I was going to turn the car around and go home. I most certainly did not tell my 6 yr old to shut up...shut up...I can't take it....No..I did not say that to him.
I did not look at the clock and count down the hours until I got to go back to work, my children get to go back to school...nope. I love staying home with my children!!
My last blog post on the "Story of our Life" blog did not discuss my secret. I did not admit to this. Nope I didn't.  I love staying home w/my children.
My dad was not diagnosed with c.ancer this week. 
I did NOT JUST HEAR ON THE WEATHER/NEWS that there will most likely be delayed school starts tomorrow morning.  No I did not.  For the love of everything holy, sanctified and children will not have a delayed start!
I did not forget to get important labwork which will end in me cancelling an important dr. appt.  I did not tell my family that I don't give a crap...
I DID buy my 10 yr old cousin a game boy advanced sp w/my mom for his birthday and then watch him play it very somberly.  I DID feel very good that he got something that my children take for granted. I DID tell my children they had to pick ONE of their games and give it to him for his birthday to go w/his advance. My son most certainly did not tell me that I had to 'replace' his game.  I DID tell him that if he didn't shut his lips, pick out a game, shut his lips some more that I was going to take his entire nintendo ds system and games and give that to his cousin instead...  He did not tel me that I was full of it and walk away. Nope..not my son. He is greatful for the GameCube, DS LITE, and WII that he has.  He is greatful that he has hours on end each week that he is able to do what he wants in a 3 bedroom house when his cousin lives in a 1 room motel room w/his mom.. 
I TRULY DO NOT want to go back to work tmw. No matter how much I did not say that I was not meant to be a stay at home mom....I do not want to go back to work.
How many days/weeks/months until spring break???
What DID YOU NOT do???

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Kathy C. said...

Game Cube, DS LIte and Wii. Woo hoo. We had one game boy color that could be used only on car trips and waits in dr offices. I got a Game Cube a little while later. I got my son his own game boy something (whatever was after advance)for 14th bd. Then a Wii for his 18th bd. My younger daughter is still stuck with an advance and only for car trips & appts. My other daughter couldn't care less about that stuff. My now 19 yr old is still restricted to 1/2 hr of Wii a day but I know he's on his laptop (grad present) all the time in his room now. But he's 19 so if his college work doesn't get done, that's his problem.