Friday, January 2, 2009

Patience...Please send me some!!

I'm praying for some patience right now. Lots and Lots of Patience!!

As a parent I have been very blessed with 3 (now 2) children who can/have/do/did play very very very good by themself.

Cor was the very best. He would sit for hours on end w/his leggos. I would have to pinch myself sometimes to think that this child could actually play so well. Among the many negatives and trials that we endured w/him - he could sit and play for hours by himself.

Ab and Bry have been good at being able to play by themself very well. Even at times together w/o fighting. It all depends on the day for togetherness.

As we have an extra person in our house these days. She doesn't "play by herself" very well. She doesn't entertain herself at all...ever!! It is very draining. OMGosh is it ever draining.

My patience level has worn down the last few days. Yesterday we were at my inlaws. My SIL is a self proclaimed know it all of everything....and well because this little person is so damn cute (she really is) she was letting her get away with not only everything...but also just entertaining her non stop. Oh' for the love of everything...would you just please stop I wanted to scream. Nope she didn't. So today...we are paying the price. I hope and pray that when she goes home tmw (I think it will be tmw) that her momma doesn't pay the price...

So patience it is. I need lots of it today. As I sat on the phone for TWO FRIGGIN' HOURS WITH UNEMPLOYMENT to 'open' my claim...I was a bit frustrated.

Right now it is nap time. Then it will be take Bry to his friends house and then not sure what else....

Oh is only 1:30!! I have a long day ahead of me yet.

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