Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thinking Outloud

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After DH spoke w/Cor the other night we both felt it would be needed for dh to call the group home Cor is at and speak w/the owner in a few days. The purpose would be to see how Cor did after the call and the day or so after.

We didn't decide on what day or when. However, that it needed to be done. We also discussed that we needed to clarify a few things. Mainly, the point being...we will not be told, nor will be agree to continued contact on a very regular basis. But more of a casual and occasional contact. We also wanted to make sure that Cor's therapist was in agreement that he have contact and that he have support from him/her before/after. The reason I say this (not surei f I wrote this before or not) is because the day that dh talked to Cor this person left a message stating he wanted to know about setting up regular, specific contact. We will not do this.

I've asked him if he was going to do it. Each time saying yes in a just a little bit. It is 9pm on Saturday night. He hasn't done it. I do not want to say anything. Do I just drop it? Do we check and see how Cor might be doing? Do we just leave it as is and see what happens?

Dh spoke w/Ab on Thur. morning. Reconfirming to her that she is safe. He is safe. She does not have to worry about having Cor come back home. She seemed fine. And seems fine now. This morning her and I went shopping at Target. On the way there I was talking to my mom. She wanted to know how thing went and so forth. I casually mentioned that Ab knew. While I told my mom that Ab got giggly and smiley and said 'Yep, I know..." and seemed to actually be happy that she knew. While we were walking in the store she mentioned that someday soon we should send him a care package. All the while smiling from ear to ear.

She even said "yep, I heard dad talking to Cor in that same voice he talks to Bry and I in the mornings before school". ROFL...his rather matter of fact and very stern lets get things rolling not screw around so you are not late for school voice.... I kind of laughed to myself when she said this. He really did talk to Cor very firm. He was loving but also very firm and matter of fact.

It makes my heart feel good to know that she seems to be okay. That her fears seemed to be subsided and she wants to send him a care package.

I called in to work yesterday (you can read about it on my other blog). It was 99% a mental health day. From time to time we all need them. This week I needed them. As I mentioned on my other blog post - I can't in good conscious go to work and be sleep deprived. The week ended up catching up with me and when it did I crashed for the most part. My job isn't sitting behind a desk. When you drive a 43 ft long vehicle that weighs 40,000 lbs, and there is precious (and very obnoxious) is not in the best interest of having that cargo's driver be sleep deprived. Thus, I took a day and just took care of!!

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