Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jumbled Mess

That is the only way to describe the racing thoughts and feelings I have right now.

I did not talk to Cor. James did. James seemed upset when he got off of the phone. Hard to say why. I mean really, why wouldn't he.

The one thing that I really wanted not happen....happened. This is one thing that I really wanted to keep from happening right now. Ab found out. James put Bry to bed. Got Ab in the shower and then he called Cor. Ab got out of the shower and I heard it kind of quiet upstairs. I went upstairs to 'check on her' and she was standing in the bathroom 1/2 dressed. The look on her face was not even something that I can describe. It was an odd moment. I quickly said responded with "yes, he is talking to cor". She wanted to know 'how he found our number'. I told him that the person caring for Cor was able to find our number and called dad a few days ago. Her next question was 'why after all these years?'.. I didn't answer the why. I just left it as is. I gave her a hug and said 'he will never come back home to live here...'. She quickly said 'yes, i know' and went into her room. I convinced her to come down to get a snack. She was trying to avoid me it was obvious.

We confirmed with her that she is safe.

More later...I guess. I realy don't want have much to say (well, I do) but I just need to go to bed...

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Brenda said...

You are so hard on yourself about the dissolving of your adoption. Listening to the fear in your daughter over a mere phone call should really confirm what a good parent you are. I'm glad she is safe too.