Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Come Get Him....OR....

He will be admitted to the psych unit.

This was the email and then phone call we received from the treatment foster family.

After 2 months he had wore the reins out. The family who once talked to us about adopting was saying he needed to go.

Our health insurance would not cover him out of state. There was no way he could be placed in the hospital. The SN Subsidy and SSDI had not been approved yet.

So James took off to go get him.

Things were no different. We had a 6 yr old who hated us and did everything possible to try and hurt us and his sister.

My MIL and FIL offered to let him come live with them. My inlaws moved from NY to UT. My FIL came via WI and picked C up and off they went. We agreed upon a set amount of $ a month. And from there we paid them to care for him. We couldn't do it. It was devastating. I had no clue what to do.

We decided to move to Las Vegas (from WI) since C was in UT. I have NEVER wanted to live in Utah...nor will I. I had a friend whose daughter came around the same time my FIL picked C up and she was our babysitter/nanny. They lived in San Jose, CA and were moving to LV also. SO that sounded like a good thing for us.

On Sept. 9, 2001 I flew to CA and spent the next month with my friend Misty. C was in UT. We went to LV and I looked for jobs and apartments.

The end of Oct '01 we packed up and moved to LV. Full of fear, faith and on a prayer.

We had a place to live. Our jobs were no longer there when we got there. On our way there we went threw Utah and saw C and James' parents.

They told us everything was wonderful. He was doing well in school. They had only "one" incident and everything else was great.

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